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          1. Hotline:0755-33666525
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            Company introduction

            Shenzhen Desen Precision Machine Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise, software product provider and software service provider, and a famous brand in Shenzhen. The company integrates high-end intelligent electronics equipment R&D, manufacturing, sale and service. Major products include intelligent electronics manufacturing equipment such as automatic visual screen printer, automatic FPC feeder, automatic high speed dispenser, automatic selective coating machine… Learn more>>
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            Our strengths 

            Excellent quality management and advanced technology R&D

            1、Innovative management team and outstanding enterprise culture

            2、High quality products of various materials, in different sizes to enhance printing process

            3、High quality products of various materials, in different sizes to enhance printing process

            4、Great brand influence and reputation: find problems quickly and jointly solve them to meet customers needs for diversification

            5、Favorable pricing policy and sizable market share

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